Stone has a magic few other building materials can match. It’s incredibly old, created by fire, water and extreme pressures. It comes from the earth and sits upon it with a clear statement that it is here to stay.

Burlington Stone brings 450 million years of British geology and 180 years of British craftmanship right into the heart of your project, offering a unique and versatile range of beautiful architectural stones in a subtle choice of colours and finishes, with each stone highlighted by natural veins and markings to emphasise its natural origins and add character to the flooring. It sits beautifully within both traditional and contemporary design and delivers a unique statement of quality and permanence to any project.

Burlington Stone is created by the metamorphosis of volcanic ash and natural sediments deposited in layers into Lakeland waters over many millions of years. The cleavage planes created by this metamorphic process give Burlington Stone an enormous flexural strength and extremely low porosity making it ideal for use as flooring.

This very high flexural strength allows large format panels to be used at thinner section which reduces the tonnage of stone required reducing cost and ensuring environmental efficiency. The very low porosity means the stone is easy to keep clean and maintain. Burlington Stone is also endowed with a very high abrasion resistance making it extremely hard wearing and suitable for use in the most demanding of environments, such as airport terminals and shopping centres.

Each of the Burlington Stone collection can be produced in a variety of finishes, from smooth to rough textured, providing design flexibility and high slip resistance, with complimentary and bespoke skirtings, treads and risers available to match.

Burlington Stone is a robust and enduring material which will last the lifetime of the building ensuring best value over the life cycle of the project.

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