Landscaping Features

Burlington’s landscaping stones have spent millions of years forming below ground before they are extracted and put on display in stunning yet functional commercial and domestic schemes.

Deep within the stone lies the true beauty waiting to be released: distinctive colour patterns, rich and unique natural markings, and sensitive tones and textures. Its British heritage ensures that however inclement the weather it will complement your design – formal and informal, contemporary or classic.

Our Westmorland Green and Cumbrian Black slates and Baycliff Limestone can be engineered to your bespoke design requirements allowing you to introduce truly unique elements to your landscape. If you can imagine it, we can craft it, allowing you to bring your landscapes to life. The permanence of the stone provides a perfect contrast to the evolving shape of planting, whilst interacting with our other landscaping materials. Changing landscapes naturally… whilst watching them evolve in the process.

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