Architects and designers around the world have long taken advantage of the natural beauty, durability, and adaptability of Burlington Stone to create classic weather resistant details and surface finishes.

Extremely low porosity and very high flexural strength make Burlington the ideal natural stone for functional and beautiful copings. Copings can be produced with honed, sanded, gritblasted, riven or flamed finishes to the face with the edges being finished with a honed, sanded, gritblasted or plucked finish. Copings can be supplied in straight lengths or curved on plan to fit the shape of the walls or the other structures that they cover and will provide centuries of protection with a beautiful, natural, and traditional finish. Where the copes are straight and the face finish is honed, sanded or gritblasted, single or double weathering can be applied to the copes to form single slope or ‘saddleback’ shaping. Drip throats can be incorporated to shed water if required.

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