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Westmorland Green

A combination of Burlington Stone’s green natural slates, this product has been hewn from the picturesque heart of the Lake District, from stone that was originally formed in the Ordovician period, between 450 and 500 million years ago. Westmorland green slate is a sedimentary metamorphic volcanic ash that owes its green hue to the presence of chlorite and that is supplied in a subtle range of shades of green, with each stone highlighted by natural veins and markings to emphasise its natural origins.

Westmorland green slate has been used for centuries as a paving and its metamorphic volcanic ash structure ensures that it will give generations of service to your landscaping scheme. Setts, copings, chippings, path edgings, rockery, monoliths and bespoke landscaping features complete the range of applications and allow complete flexibility of design to create stunning landscapes inspired by the geology of the Lake District.

Westmorland Green slate walling stone has been used to construct building envelopes and boundary walls in the Lake District since the first buildings were built by man, producing the iconic and distinctive building vernacular of the area. The stone is still quarried today in the same traditional format to be able to extend and maintain existing properties in the National Park and to be able to construct new buildings that sit seamlessly in the unique Lake District environment.
Appreciating this quintessential Lake District material, architects constructing domestic and commercial buildings elsewhere in the UK are making incredible use of Westmorland green slate to create dramatic walling stone façades that deliver a unique and individual aesthetic to the project.

To compliment Westmorland Green slate walling stone we can provide bespoke lintols, cills, quoins and cappings to allow the architect to complete the building envelope holistically using one stone.


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