Hidden within Burlington Stone lies its true beauty waiting to be revealed. Distinctive colour and unique natural markings provide rich detail and sensitive tones; natures signature displayed within each newly opened piece of stone.

For almost two centuries, Burlington has been the stone of choice for bespoke architectural finishes. Its subtle qualities and colours have been used to create distinctive and timeless design, bringing buildings and landscapes to natural life, making a statement of quality and permanence.

This ancient stone can be worked in a variety of finishes, from rough-hewn to smooth, and with a stunning range of natural colours and markings it is timelessly stylish, whether the architecture is traditional or contemporary, but also endlessly practical.

Whether you choose to use Burlington Stone within the building, on floors, walls and finishes, on the building envelope as a cladding, or as an external paving or landscaping, it will make an architectural statement for today and a legacy choice for the future.

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