Cills & Lintols

Architects and designers around the world have long taken advantage of the natural beauty, durability, and adaptability of Burlington Stone to create classic weather resistant details. Cumbrian Black and Westmorland Green slate, and Baycliff Limestone lintols and cills provide the perfect match to these same stones when used as a walling, providing a holistic and integrated building envelope.

Extremely low porosity and very high flexural strength make Burlington the ideal natural stone for functional and beautiful lintols and cills which can be produced with honed, sanded, gritblasted, riven, flamed or pitched finishes to the face with the edges being finished with a honed, sanded, gritblasted, plucked or pitched finish.

Where the cills are straight and the face finish is honed, sanded or gritblasted, weathering and stooling can be applied to form a slope, and drip throats can be incorporated to shed water if required.

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